The Different Types of Glass

The Different Types of Glass


Gas Filled – If you have concerns about your home’s energy efficiency , gas filled glass is a great choice. Gas filled windows are great for insulation and soundproofing. They may be more costly than other types of glass.
Insulated – These windows are great for energy efficiency however they are not filled with gas. Usually, this type of glass is double or triple pained. Insulation and soundproofing are the main positive when it comes to this style of glass.


Reflective – If you are in a location where the sun hits the glass and blinds everyone, or heats up your building, you likely need reflective glass. Reflective glass helps minimize heat build-up, depending on the area you are in it may make your building stick out like a sore thumb.
Impact-Resistant – Impact resistant glass is the perfect choice for storefronts, balconies, stair railings and areas where your windows or doors are more likely to be impacted by weather or flying debris. This type of glass is also a good choice for high crime areas as it can add a good layer of security.


Laminated – Laminated glass works by having a lay of PVB inserted between two sheets of glass. This is then treated with a pressure roller and sealed. This type of glass absorbs impact really well and is used in automobiles.
Tempered – Due to the way that tempered glass is made it is one of the strongest glass types available. During the heating and cooling process that happens while tempered glass is being made, tempered glass has both compressive and tensile strength. You will find tempered glass in side and back car windows. It is also great for glass shelves and cabinets.

This covers the basic glass types but is in no way an extensive list. If you would like to learn more about glass or if you are looking for a full range of glass services, the team at Dan’s Glass has over 30 years experience in the glass business. Contact us to discuss the different types of glass for your next project.

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