Tinted, Frosted and Other Unique Glass

All of our glass can typically be ordered in a number of various colors, tints or patterns. For an extensive listing of colors or pattern types please give us a call at 757-722-5714. Some of our most popular requests include the following:

-Bronze and Grey Glass

-Solex Green Glass

-Cool Blue and Blue Glass

-Frosted Glass

-Aquatex and Rain Glass

-Pattern 62 Glass

To completely picture the differences between frosted, aquatex, rain, and pattern 62 glass we suggest you come visit us to see samples of each. The above colors and patterns are just a few of our more commonly requested items, however, we can supply and custom cut a vast array of other types of glass. Give us a call at 757-722-5714 as we’d love to help consult you on your specific needs!