Replacement Windows & Doors

We don’t think our customers should be surprised with a price that differs from a quoted or advertised price. Unlike many companies, Patrick’s Glass will not mislead you with a low advertised cost per replacement window and subsequently upcharge you for additional materials and labor necessary for proper installation (i.e. removal and disposal of old windows, perimeter caulking and sealants, break metal to cover damaged siding or exterior, etc). Our price quote will include everything necessary to properly complete your replacement window project with no hidden charges. We get calls all the time for windows that are simply fogged or broken. Do not fear as you do not need an entire replacement window and we can simply replace the double pane or insulated glass in your existing window unit for much less the price.

Replacement windows will not only improve the appearance and value of your home but also help reduce energy bills. Old and weather deteriorated windows need replacement when the frame becomes compromised or the window becomes loose and drafty.

Patrick’s Glass carries many name brands including Simonton, Anderson, and Larsen to name a few. If you have any questions or want to schedule a free consultation and quote please give us a call at 757-722-5714. We look forward to helping!