Insulated Glass

Patrick’s Glass has years of experience replacing broken or fogged insulated glass. Most windows in newer homes or homes with replacement windows are made of insulated glass. Insulated glass is also commonly referred to as double pane glass because it is actually made of two pieces of glass separated and sealed to create insulation and energy savings. However, because insulated glass is comprised of two separate and sealed pieces of glass, the seal can deteriorate allowing moisture which causes the glass to appear fogged or damp. Unfortunately, when this happens, the entire double pane glass unit needs to be replaced. Also, because insulated glass is system, when one piece of glass breaks the entire insulated glass unit will need to be replaced.

Double pane glass varies dramatically in sizes and thicknesses and replacing the glass is normally not a DIY project because the replacement glass is manufactured to the specifications of your existing window or door glass. Low-E glass can be used in the insulated glass unit to add further insulation as it helps additionally block infrared and UV light. If your home already has Low-E glass you will likely want to ensure the replacement glass is Low-E as it projects a slightly different tint and it will be apparent when one home window is made of regular glass and and another Low-E glass.

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